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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

General questions about the TEAM: Teamwork Effectiveness Assessment Module

What is the TEAM: Teamwork Effectiveness Assessment Module?
TEAM is a guided multi-source feedback assessment that allows inpatient providers to assess themselves on their interprofessional teamwork abilities, get feedback from the other providers with whom they work, and develop an improvement plan. Physicians can use TEAM as part of maintaining their board certification.
What is interprofessional teamwork?
Interprofessional teamwork refers to the ways in which care providers from diverse health professions work together to care for patients. In some settings, these providers work together on organized teams. In others, providers need to be able to "team up" flexibly around patients.
Why are physician certification boards interested in interprofessional teamwork?
Research has linked the quality of interprofessional teamwork to the quality and safety of patient care. Certification boards such as the American Board of Internal Medicine see interprofessional teamwork as an important competency for physicians and other health professionals.
Is the TEAM: Teamwork Effectiveness Assessment Module a high-stakes exam or a formative activity for improvement?
TEAM is a formative activity for improvement. The feedback (scores and comments) from TEAM is formative feedback, meaning that it is meant to help you analyze and improve how you work with your colleagues in your hospital.

Questions for physicians interested in doing the TEAM: Teamwork Effectiveness Assessment Module

I am interested in doing the TEAM: Teamwork Effectiveness Assessment Module – what are the steps involved?
There are four steps: 1) Completing a self-assessment survey on the component skills and behaviors of good interprofessional teamwork; 2) Identifying a group of raters (your "team") to assess you; 3) Getting feedback on your teamwork skills and behaviors from your raters; and 4) Analyzing the feedback from your raters (with at least one peer, or even with your whole team) and developing an improvement plan.
How long does it take?
The entire process can be completed in a few hours over the course of about a month or two. Please allow 30-60 minutes to complete your self-assessment survey. Depending on how well you know the other professionals in your hospital, identifying your group of raters can take only a few minutes, or it can involve a little legwork to identify individuals and get their contact information. You can choose how much time to give your raters to complete their assessments—from 2 to 5 weeks. At least 10 raters must complete their assessment before you can download your feedback report. Analyzing the feedback report in conjunction with a peer (or with more people) can take an hour or two. After analyzing your feedback, the time it takes to develop and implement an improvement plan depends on what you choose to improve.
How do I choose my raters?
You need to choose at least 15 potential raters. These must be people you work with to care for patients in the hospital. Click here for the complete list of rater requirements.
When can I get the feedback from my raters?
At least 10 raters will need to complete their surveys before you can download a feedback report.
How will I know if enough raters have completed their surveys?
You can see a count of how many raters have been invited, how many have completed their surveys, and how many have declined.
How long will it take my raters to complete their surveys?
You can set the length of time for your raters to be able to complete their surveys – from 2 to 5 weeks. During this time, you may also set an interval for automatic email reminders to be sent to your raters if they have not already completed the survey. You do not have to remind them yourself.
What happens if not enough of my raters complete their surveys?
You will have the ability to invite more raters until you receive at least 10 completed surveys. You can add new team members, and you can also send repeat invitations to your original list of team members if you think they did not have a chance to complete the survey (team members will not be able to submit multiple surveys).
What if one of my email invitations to a team member is returned as undeliverable?
You will see an alert on this page if the module cannot deliver a message to any of the email addresses you provide. Follow the link in the alert to return to your Outbox and correct the problem.
How do I choose someone to analyze my feedback with me?
You should choose someone who you see as a trusted peer – someone who is familiar with your work in the hospital. If you choose, you can look at the feedback with more than one person, including with people who rated you.

The person(s) you select must be familiar with your work and with the hospital you work in. Choose the person(s) that you think will be the most helpful to you. Some participants choose to review their data with another physician from their group. Some choose to review their data with non-physicians, or with a mix of physicians and non-physicians, to get a range of perspectives. It is up to you whether to review your feedback with someone who rated you. You can select to review your data with more than one person, or even with your entire team of raters.
Why do I need to look at my feedback with someone else?
Experts in multi-source feedback agree that it is hard to accurately analyze feedback on one’s own performance. This is why you are required to analyze the data with at least one trusted peer – someone who is familiar with your work and your hospital.
I received better (or worse) feedback than I expected. What does this mean?
The TEAM: Teamwork Effectiveness Assessment Module is meant for your raters to give you feedback on what they perceive it is like to care for patients with you. You can use the feedback to help understand how to improve your own teamwork, or to maintain and build on what you already do well. Click here for our PDF guide on how to analyze your feedback from TEAM.

Questions for raters

A physician has asked me to assess them – what do I need to do?
All you have to do is to rate how well they work with you when you care for patients together. The survey consists of 32-33 items about the physician. If you want, you can give the physician written feedback in addition to their scores.
Will the physician know if I decline their invitation?
No. The physician will only see a count of how many of their raters have completed the survey, and how many have declined.
How long does assessing someone with the Teamwork Effectiveness Assessment survey take?
You can complete the survey in as little as 10-15 minutes, or more if you want to provide extensive written feedback. Please keep in mind that you will need to complete the survey in one sitting, so set aside as much time as you will need.
If I fill out the survey, what happens to the scores?
We will combine the scores from all the raters (at least 10) and provide them to the physician in an aggregate feedback report.
If I write something in the free-text boxes, what happens to my comments?
We will provide all the comments to the physician exactly as written. We will not add any identifying information. However, we will not edit anything you write. Please do not write anything that someone could use to identify you – unless you want to.
Who gets to see the scores and comments?
When at least 10 raters have completed the Teamwork Effectiveness Assessment, we will provide the scores and comments to the physician in a feedback report. The physician must then select at least one other person with whom to review the feedback. They may decide to share their feedback with more than one person, or even with their entire team. We will not send the feedback to anyone else.
Someone has asked me to help them review their feedback report. What should I do?
Click here for our guide on how to analyze the data from the feedback report.
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