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What is TEAM?

The American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) TEAM module is meant for use by individual physicians to gather and interpret feedback from their interprofessional “team” with whom they work to care for patients in the hospital. TEAM is designed for use by physicians, even in work settings that do not provide formal support or training for interprofessional teamwork. Learn more about the 4 Steps required to complete TEAM below.

Is the TEAM module right for you?

TEAM is recommended if you are… TEAM may not be for you if you…
  • a physician in a hospital setting
  • seeking feedback from your interprofessional team
  • are a physician in an outpatient setting
  • already have a mechanism to receive feedback from your team members

4 Steps to complete TEAM:

  • 1. Self-Assessment

    Get started by completing a Self-Assessment survey. This survey will ask you to rate yourself on interprofessional teamwork behaviors.

    Step 1

  • 2. Identify Your Team

    In this step, you will identify your team—the other health care professionals who will provide you with feedback.

    Step 2

  • 3. Feedback Report

    In this step, you will receive your feedback report, which summarizes the data collected from your team members as well as your self-assessment. You will select at least one other person with whom to review and analyze your feedback report.

    Step 3

  • 4. Reflection

    In this final step, you will analyze your feedback report to develop an improvement plan (or a plan to build on your strengths).

    Step 4


To learn more about the TEAM module, please see the FAQ on the Support page.